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A Personal Directive deals with life support and health issues and allows someone else to make decisions on your behalf if you are no longer able to communicate your thoughts to your medical doctors. Like an EPA, a Personal Directive is usually granted in the event that you no longer have the mental capacity to make those decisions.

Do I need an EPA and Personal Directive if I already have a Will?

Remember that a Will is only looked at once you have passed away. The EPA and Personal Directive are both documents that are used while you are still alive. These documents are usually created in addition to the Will. Once you pass away, the EPA and Personal Directive are no longer valid.
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Personal Directive

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An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) allows you to appoint someone (an attorney or attorneys) to act on your behalf if you are unable to make decisions about your finances either because you are mentally incapacitated (such as being in a coma or having dementia or Alzheimer’s) or on an extended vacation and away from home.

An Enduring Power of Attorney may be granted to anyone you trust, such as your spouse, child or other family member. While the law does not require the attorney to be an Alberta resident, sometimes if the attorney is expected to do a significant amount of work, it might be better to choose someone who lives in the Province.

Enduring power of attorney (EPA)

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If you have decided to separate or divorce, I’m sure that it was a very difficult and stressful decision to make.  This is, no doubt, one of the most important decisions anyone can make especially when there are children involved.  Parents need  to ensure that their children are affected by their decision as little as possible. Separating and dividing matrimonial property so that each party receives a fair division as amicably as possible is paramount to the effects of divorce on a family. 

At HART LAW OFFICE, our goal is to help you through the process of divorce explaining all of your rights and entitlements and those of your children regarding support obligations and property division.  Our aim is to alleviate some of the stress and assist you with this major  life changing transition.

The Canadian criminal justice process is founded upon the fundamental principal of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  
We pay personal attention to each case that we work on and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • We offer the following:        
  • Local representation
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  • Fast response times

We're highly professional with our work, and we focus on trying to obtain the best possible results for our clients while maintaining our ethical obligations as officers of the court. The best interests of our clients are a top priority.

Corporate LAw

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Civil Litigation

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Wills and Estates

No one wants to think about dying. But have you thought about the consequences of dying and leaving behind grieving family members who are trying to figure out what to do with your assets?
Perhaps one of the least selfish things you can do in life is to prepare your Last Will and Testament to make sure your loved ones are cared for and that all other matters such as liquidating assets and paying debts can be settled easily with the least amount of disruption to those left behind.

Family LAW

Criminal Law

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Are you purchasing your first home? Maybe you are trading up and buying and selling at the same time? You could be having a custom home built or perhaps your children have all moved out and you are downsizing.

Buying, selling or building a new home can be very exciting but it can also be stressful as it often represents one of the most important and largest financial commitments you can make.

At HART LAW OFFICE, we understand that realtors are explaining all about real property reports, compliances, holdbacks and asking you to sign contracts and the banks are explaining the different types of mortgage products on the market. Our focus at HART LAW OFFICE is to make your experience of buying and/or selling a home a relatively easy and stress-free transaction.

Real EState